Violine - Vol. 3 - DONE

Here are the last six pages of Violine - The Iron Claw. (A big thanks goes to the delightful DanielBT and his dedicated proofreading efforts.) If you've been downloading the four-page batches along the way and just want to know how the book ends, you can download the final batch here:

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw, p. 41-46: Download

If you been waiting for the completion of the book to read it in one go or want the whole book including the front and back covers and artwork so you can add it to your collection, download this:

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw: Download

I hope you enjoyed the book. The next one will be book 4 - The Cavern of Oblivion.


  1. AWESOME - Thanks, man.
    looking forward to the next book.

  2. Awesome! can't wait for the fourth!

  3. Can I share the d/l link on Komics-Live please?

    1. I already did. It's in the "Kids Friendly scanlations" thread of the Scanlation Valley board..