RELEASED: Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour

I finished my translation of Fabrice Tarrin's autobiographical comic book Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour. It's full of anecdotes, mostly from his younger years, revolving around him and his childhood celebrity crush Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of famous French singer Serge Gainsbourg.

If you're not familiar with Charlotte Gainsbourg, check out this Beck video below to see what she looks and sounds like:

The usual thanks goes to the astonishing artisan of proofreading, DanielBT.

On a related note: I'm quite disappointed that there hasn't been more Little Fantasio in Spirou magazine so far. In the interview that was published in the same issue as the last pages I translated two weeks ago, Tarrin even hinted at how the story would go on, saying that he'd give Fantasio "a little companion soon who's a bit lonely". So I wonder why there were no new pages in the last two issues. :-/
Ah, well, maybe next week...

Download: Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour


Little Fantasio - p.7-12

And here it is! The continuation of The Heroic Youth of Fantasio. Six more pages of young Fantasio and Zantafio. One of the pages was inspired by Franquin's Idées Noires. I'm sure you can tell which one.

Tarrin said in an interview in this week's issue of Spirou magazine that the story will focus on Fantasio growing up and changing into an adult, but also explain Zantafio's descend to the dark side.
(Bad news for all Tarrin fangirls out there: In the same interview, Tarrin mentioned that his girlfriend is currently pregnant. ;) )

In the folder I uploaded, you'll also find a HQ version of this week's Spirou magazine cover. Enjoy!



Little Fantasio - Now WEEKLY

Good news, everyone! Apparently, Dupuis decided to buy a full story of The Heroic Youth of Fantasio. So starting this today, there'll be six new pages in Spirou magazine every week.

And even better: I already have this week's RAWs and I'll try to get the translation out within the next 24 hours.

Looking at the page numbers, I guess the six pages printed in last year's Christmas special of Spirou magazine mark the beginning of the story, while the ones from this year's Valentine's Day special are kind of a bonus. (Though the Octopus café makes a reappearance.)

So look forward to more Little Fantasio. :)

[EDIT: Translation is done. Waiting for my proofreader's reply now.]


Upcoming Tarrin stuff

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. As some of you might know, I also have another blog where I post translated comics from Fabrice Tarrin's blog on a daily basis. (Over 300 already! Yay!)
I'm getting closer and closer to catching up with his blog, so that's what I've been focussing on lately.

I already finished translating his book Diary of a Lemur (orig. "Journal intime d'un Lémurien"). (As always, with the help of the charming DanielBT.) You can download it from my mediafire. It's pretty neat as it's a slice-of-life kind of story about Tarrin's life.

Starting today, I'll be posting the first 15 pages of his book Maki - Well done, family (orig. "Maki - Bravo la famille") and the last 8 pages of his other autobiographical book Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour  until the end of the month. You can find the 100 or so Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour pages I already translated here.

In July (and early August), I'll be posting the first 35 pages (out of 45) of his other Maki book Maki - A lemur at camp (orig. "Maki - Un lémurien en colo"). I'm aware that someone translated some of those a few months ago on 4chan. But I don't know if that anon did all of the available pages. If you know, leave a comment, please.
You can already find a few pages that didn't make it into the final Maki - A lemur at camp book here.

(Tarrin also posted the first 30 pages of his third Maki book Maki - A Virgin's Journey (orig. "Maki - Le parcours d'un puceau") that came out in April this year on his blog. I translated those a while back.)

Finally, I'll post 63 pages from his latest book SEXE, AMOUR et déconfiture... (That's pretty much the whole book minus some art between the chapters.)

So, if you enjoy Fabrice Tarrin's comics, check out my other blog. There's a lot of nice (full-colour) stuff coming up.


A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - Vol. 3 - DONE

The Crypt of Champignac is now fully translated. As always, DanielBT of Sunday Comics Debt, thank you for proofreading the comics.

Just like last time, if you only want to read the last three pages, you can download them here:

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac, p. 56-59: Download

If you want the whole book including front and back cover plus artwork, then download the big folder here:

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac: Download

Here's a little bonus. (If you also follow my blue blog, you've probably seen it before.) It was published in Spirou magazine #3633.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us   


Kamala Luonto - Lunatic Nature - 11-20

Coming up next: The final pages of The Crypt of Champignac. Meanwhile, here's some more Kamala Luonto:

The comic above is a reference to a Finnish children's song called Lennä, lennä leppäkerttu


Violine - Vol. 3 - DONE

Here are the last six pages of Violine - The Iron Claw. (A big thanks goes to the delightful DanielBT and his dedicated proofreading efforts.) If you've been downloading the four-page batches along the way and just want to know how the book ends, you can download the final batch here:

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw, p. 41-46: Download

If you been waiting for the completion of the book to read it in one go or want the whole book including the front and back covers and artwork so you can add it to your collection, download this:

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw: Download

I hope you enjoyed the book. The next one will be book 4 - The Cavern of Oblivion.