A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - Vol. 3 - DONE

The Crypt of Champignac is now fully translated. As always, DanielBT of Sunday Comics Debt, thank you for proofreading the comics.

Just like last time, if you only want to read the last three pages, you can download them here:

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac, p. 56-59: Download

If you want the whole book including front and back cover plus artwork, then download the big folder here:

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac: Download

Here's a little bonus. (If you also follow my blue blog, you've probably seen it before.) It was published in Spirou magazine #3633.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us   


  1. This is great! Thanks!
    Do you have any other Spirou stories planned for translation?

    1. I don't plan to do any more Spirou, but check out this group: http://spirouscanlations.webs.com/ They're trying to scanlate as many Spirou & Fantasio comics as possible.

  2. Many thanks for this Spirou translation! :)

  3. Thank you very much for translating this! But do you know where I can find the original in French from the 'making of'?