Upcoming Tarrin stuff

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. As some of you might know, I also have another blog where I post translated comics from Fabrice Tarrin's blog on a daily basis. (Over 300 already! Yay!)
I'm getting closer and closer to catching up with his blog, so that's what I've been focussing on lately.

I already finished translating his book Diary of a Lemur (orig. "Journal intime d'un Lémurien"). (As always, with the help of the charming DanielBT.) You can download it from my mediafire. It's pretty neat as it's a slice-of-life kind of story about Tarrin's life.

Starting today, I'll be posting the first 15 pages of his book Maki - Well done, family (orig. "Maki - Bravo la famille") and the last 8 pages of his other autobiographical book Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour  until the end of the month. You can find the 100 or so Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour pages I already translated here.

In July (and early August), I'll be posting the first 35 pages (out of 45) of his other Maki book Maki - A lemur at camp (orig. "Maki - Un lémurien en colo"). I'm aware that someone translated some of those a few months ago on 4chan. But I don't know if that anon did all of the available pages. If you know, leave a comment, please.
You can already find a few pages that didn't make it into the final Maki - A lemur at camp book here.

(Tarrin also posted the first 30 pages of his third Maki book Maki - A Virgin's Journey (orig. "Maki - Le parcours d'un puceau") that came out in April this year on his blog. I translated those a while back.)

Finally, I'll post 63 pages from his latest book SEXE, AMOUR et déconfiture... (That's pretty much the whole book minus some art between the chapters.)

So, if you enjoy Fabrice Tarrin's comics, check out my other blog. There's a lot of nice (full-colour) stuff coming up.


  1. did you hear? there's a new heroic youth of fantasio out :D Are you going to translate it?

    1. Oh, wow! It's even on the cover of this weeks Spirou issue! Yeah, I'm definitely gonna translate it! :D

    2. Okay, so I just got the RAWs and guess what! It's a continuation from the last six pages I did. Apparently, Dupuis ordered a full story. So I assume there'll be new Little Fantasio on a weekly basis from now on! :D

  2. Thank you so much for all these Tarrin albums! I was very curious to read them but I was afraid I'd have never found a translation so this is an awesome news! :D Can't wait to read them!