RELEASED: Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour

I finished my translation of Fabrice Tarrin's autobiographical comic book Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour. It's full of anecdotes, mostly from his younger years, revolving around him and his childhood celebrity crush Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of famous French singer Serge Gainsbourg.

If you're not familiar with Charlotte Gainsbourg, check out this Beck video below to see what she looks and sounds like:

The usual thanks goes to the astonishing artisan of proofreading, DanielBT.

On a related note: I'm quite disappointed that there hasn't been more Little Fantasio in Spirou magazine so far. In the interview that was published in the same issue as the last pages I translated two weeks ago, Tarrin even hinted at how the story would go on, saying that he'd give Fantasio "a little companion soon who's a bit lonely". So I wonder why there were no new pages in the last two issues. :-/
Ah, well, maybe next week...

Download: Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour


  1. Hey There :D
    This wednesday, new pages of the heroic youth of fantasio are coming in the magazine so I was wondering, you're gonna translate them by any chance? :'D

    1. Thanks for the info. I'll translate them as soon as I get the RAWs. :)

  2. Reading this shit is painful, man.
    I can't take it.