Four-page releases - wtf?

Okay, so I have been asked why I'm releasing only four pages at a time instead of translating the whole book and making it available for download then.
Well, personally I prefer to read smaller batches in shorter intervals than having to wait for weeks for a complete release and I figured maybe so do some of you.
Also, this way I can work on several books at a time as I like being able to switch between different comics when translating.

And the way I'm doing it is actually not that unusual. After all, before the comics I'm doing right now became available in book-form, they were published in small batches in Spirou magazine first. Take the Spirou & Fantasio I'm working on for example: The comic was published in the magazine over a period of ten weeks. That's six pages per week. At my current rate I'm releasing eight pages a week, so you're actually better off than the Spirou mag readers were. ;)

And in the end, it's up to you whether you download my smaller releases or just wait for the complete book.

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