Violine - Vol. 3 - p.05-08

The next four pages are ready for download: Violine may have found new clues about her father's whereabouts, Kombo wreaks havoc (again) and the Doctor is getting himself into trouble.

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw, p. 05-08: Download (updated 2012-02-09)


  1. hello! I'm Franco Nieva, of Argentina, I am writing to thank the huge exfuerzo quye you perform in translating the comics of violins, and Asias Seper with all the numbers.

    Greetings from Argentina

  2. Page 5

    Panel 6
    abominable yellow eyes! (no comma needed)

    Panel 8 These old letters
    Why? (The 'but' isn't needed, unless you mean 'Why not?')

    Panel 9
    pleasant stay. Your daddy loves you, and so on!
    They're all like this.

    Panel 11 Maybe they're coded...

    Page 6

    Panel 8
    There's no codes on the other letters.

    Page 7

    Panel 3 The rest is burnt away...

    Panel 5
    in the heart of Yaka territory!
    make sense! (Don't need question mark)
    What's a Yaka?

    Panel 6
    they'll use your head for a ping-pong ball!

    Page 8

    Panel 2
    my seat instead of clinging to me like that!

    Panel 3
    I better inoculate myself from their diseases!

    Panel 4

    Two white ones for ague... a pink one for malaria... and the red one? Ah, yes, that's for chlorea.