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The promised Little Fantasio pages are currently being proofread. Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce you to a Finnish comic strip I discovered a few weeks ago: Kamala Luonto. That's cute character design paired with crude jokes.

Kamala Luonto is about two best buddies - a lynx and a stoat - who are always looking for a good time. The two things they enjoy most are farting and playing pranks on the other animals, especially the sheep, the pig and the moose.

The comic strips were created by freelance illustrator and comic artist Jarkko Vehniäinen, who draws comics as well as caricatures for several Finnish newspapers and magazines.
Kamala Luonto has been around since 2002, when Vehniäinen created the characters to participate in the Arctic Comics Festival's drawing contest (where he reached the finals but didn't win).
In 2010, the book in the above picture, which contains 173 strips in black-and-white from 2002-2010, was published. I bought from a Finnish online shop two weeks ago. The price was €5.00 plus shipping.

To give you an idea what the comics are like, I translated some of them from Finnish to English. (However, I have to admit that even though I wanted to learn Finnish since I was 14, today - over a decade later - my knowledge of the Finnish language is still basic at best. So the translation of the following comics is based on my limited Finnish skills, an online dictionary and Google translate.)

Kamala Luonto
by Jarkko Vehniäinen
Price: 5.00€
ISBN: 978-952-5754-21-6

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