A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - Vol. 3 - p.49-52

Our friends leave Nepal and return to the castle of Champignac where an unexpected guest awaits them...
Only seven pages to go and there are still many questions that need yet to be answered. Oh, the suspense!

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac, p. 49-52: Download

A semi-related note: I checked the contents of this week's issue of Spirou magazine. No sign of more Little Fantasio. :(


  1. oh man, D: no little fantasio? I suppose we can only wait and hope.
    great translations as usual btw ^^

    1. Thanks. :)
      I guess if Little Fantasio really does become a series, Tarrin will announce it on his blog first. So that'll be the place to keep an eye on.

  2. I cant wait for the conclusion! You're doing a really great job :)