Little Fantasio - woot?!

Apparently, Fabrice Tarrin is working on a new comic for Spirou magazine called "La jeunesse héroïque de Fantasio" (engl. "The heroic youth of Fantasio") and the first six pages will be published in next week's issue N°3843.

Tarrin posted the first page on his blog:

(click on the pic for full resolution)

I'm so thrilled about this comic and I'd love to read (and translate) more of it. So here's my question: Is anyone scanning current issues of Spirou magazine or does anyone know where I can find said scans?

For this comic alone I'd actually buy the magazine and scan the pages myself, but unfortunately they don't sell it in the country I live in. (The only way to get a hold of Spirou magazine here is to get a one-year subscription which costs about 200€ and that's a bit too much for me.) And even on ebay.fr current Spirou issues are surprisingly hard to find... :-(

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  1. The best way to get Spirou if you don't live in France or Benelux is to buy and read it online via Izneo: www.izneo.com. It's the same price as on newsstands, i.e. €2,30.
    It's the only way I could get my fix of this series!