Violine - Vol. 3 - p.13-16

Violine and Kombo continue their journey inside the Iron Bird. Will Kombo's predictions about their fate come true? And what about the visions he had about the whiskey? Download and find out!

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw, p. 13-16: Download (updated 2012-01-04)


  1. Oh, Great! I saw your scans via the 7Chan link, and am so glad that somebody's going to the trouble of translating the rest of this series! When I've got more time, I'll offer some feedback, as well as point out any possible spelling mistakes. It's also refreshing to see some scans of Little Spirou as well!

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear that someone's actually reading my translation!
    Btw, in my mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/lechatvert in every folder there is also a link to a zip folder that contains every page of the book I've done so far, so you don't have to download all the small 4-page folders.
    Also please note that the pages in my mediafire are more up to date than the ones on 7chan.
    And thanks for the (future) feedback!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I've gone through the other pages in the other links, and how they could've been slightly improved. I think I'll hold off downloading the whole album until you've finished doing the rough drafts. In a way, your translation is somewhat similar to the European model, which shows a few pages at a time in magazines. It also increases the anticipation of wanting to read the next page soon enough. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to read more about the purple-eyed girl, which is why you've been getting acclaims of joy from your efforts.

    In the meantime, here's the notes for these pages:

    Page 13

    Panel 2

    Panel 4
    it'll be so hot in here that you'll be begging me

    Page 14

    Panel 1
    Yes, mister consul. In about 10 minutes, mister...
    Doesn't feel like the A/C is working at all...

    Page 15

    Panel 1
    That's so weird!... This girl really can read thoughts?

    Panel 2
    But Mister Consul...
    was a victim of an epidemic, get that into your thick skull! ('your head' would work just as well)

    Panel 3 We haven't seen him!... You see?

    Panel 4 Okay, so... did we see him or not? (I felt this and the previous sentence could've been made clearer)

    Page 16

    Panel 5 Kombo's entered

    Panel 6
    Oof! (Is the pilot grunting, or saying 'Off'?)

    Panel 7 Piece of advice: keep this little pest (depends on what the original context was)

    M'ster could also be used, but I'll allow M'sieur, since it sounds more exotic.