A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - Vol. 3 - p.37-40

More adventures in the snow. Is the Zorglumobile damaged beyond repair? What about the Count? And what happened to Fantasio? What will Spirou and Seccotine discover in the caves? Find out some of the answers in today's four pages.

A Spirou & Fantasio Adventure - The Crypt of Champignac, p. 37-40: Download (updated 2012-01-18)


  1. hi i'm having problems downloading these pages
    :( Can you possibly re-upload them or something? rapidshare won't let me download them.

    Thank you so much for posting these links btw! I've spent days searching for this comic

    1. Rapidshare? All my files are on MediaFire. ô_O Try this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ht76es9dgg2a2a Those are all the pages of the comic I've translated so far in one big batch. (I still need to translate the last three.)

    2. oh i'm dreadfully sorry, i meant to say mediafire -_-' oh, but thank you for the new link of the bulk of the comic :D That is so convenient and i can finally read those elusive 4 pages i was missing =D Keep up the good work