Violine - Vol. 3 - p.09-12

The doctor proves to be a master of disguise. Also, be prepared for a family reunion of a different kind...urgh!

Violine - Vol. 3 - The Iron Claw, p. 09-12: Download (updated 2012-01-04)

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  1. Page 9

    Panel 3 you idiot! (I felt this would be stronger)

    Panel 7 Baggage control!

    Panel 10

    Here comes the escort! (Convoy could also be used)

    Page 10

    Panel 1
    It can't be!
    She's going on a plane ride.

    Panel 2
    She's really amazing!

    Panel 6
    Do we really need to take him with us?

    Panel 8
    He's personally met my father.

    Page 11

    Panel 5
    Kombo must reveal to the whole world

    Panel 6
    take care of Kombo's whims.

    Panel 7
    Here! Could you take care of Belphegor? I think he needs to wee...

    Page 12

    Panel 1
    And that smell...
    Hey! A little more respect! You're talking

    Panel 2
    Kombo must now announce

    Panel 4
    I'm Violine's personal steward. The president ordered me to serve her cool drinks during the flight!