Last post of the year

I spent Christmas at my family's place. It's been five years since we all celebrated together because we all live far away from each other. So I flew to my mom's place and I was very happy that it hadn't snowed, because I don't like flying when it's snowed. I'm always afraid there might be ice on the runway…

Anyway, I had a good time and we even made a short trip across the border where I found my favorite chocolate:

Fazer's Salmiakki. It's basically milk chocolate filled with liquid soft licorice. Heavenly!

I actually wanted release more pages this week but I had to take care of some RL duties instead, so sorry about the recent lack of releases.

About my scanlation plans for the next year: DanielBT, a very talented young proof-reader, has been reviewing all the pages I've done so far and currently I'm busy redoing them according to the improvement suggestions he sent me. So I'll be working on that next week. However, I'll also try to squeeze in another Little Spirou and maybe a Violine release.

Happy New Year!

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