Donito - Vol. 1 - p.25-28

Here's the next Donito batch. According to the poll on the right no one's really interested in this one though. That's a shame because it's actually a pretty cool book.
What makes it stand out IMO are the beautiful background graphics and that the plot is devided into several sub-plots with all the side characters getting a lot of "screen" time. So if you were afraid that the story revolves only around that bratty-looking little boy, let me assure you that's not the case.
I admit there are two things that I think could have been done better: First, the design of the pink seal Bigaloo. Why does he have legs? That's not what a seal looks like. All the other animals in the comic look more or less like RL animals. That seal is the only exception.
Secondly, the names of the characters. While the main characters have fancy names like "Donito", "Bigaloo", "Carmina" and whatnot, you'll also meet minor characters with more mundane names like Désiré the grouper, Alice the octopus and the sharks Marie-Chantal and Brutus.
Another thing I find unusual for a comic aimed at younger readers is that there are quite a few death's in the story. Some are part of the plot and some are just played for laughs. That kinda makes the other comics I'm translating seem harmless...

About today's batch: Be warned, it ends with the cliffhangeriest cliffhanger yet.

Donito - The Siren of the Caribbean, p. 25-28: Download

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