How many more releases before the books are complete?

In case you're wondering how many more 4-page batches I'll be releasing before the books I'm working on are complete, here's a quick overview:
  • Spirou & Fantasio Adventure: The book has 59 pages in total. Out of those I translated 40, so that's 19 more pages to go. In other words, there will be 5 more batches of S&F before the book is complete.
  • Violine: So far I've worked through 20 pages, that leaves 26 pages I have yet to translate. The last 6 pages I'll release in one batch, so that's 6 more batches.
  • Little Spirou: There are 16 pages left out of the total 44, so that 4 more batches.
  • Donito: Just like with Little Spirou 28 pages are done, 16 pages are left. So 4 more batches before the first Donito book is complete.


  1. Thanks for translating all these comics. I particularly like Violine but I will be checking out the others. Are you still translating the comic where Maki goes to a Hellish Camp for the summer?

    If you are looking for scans of comics (like Spirou and others), check out here: http://evilboris.sonic-cult.net/bd/

    1. If you mean the translations of the Maki comics that appeared on 4chan a few days ago, that wasn't me. I do plan to translate the comic and post it on my other blog ( http://lcbtranslations.blogspot.com/ ) though.

    2. When I checked out that link, I was amazed to see that they were translating Goblins. However, I was a little disappointed when I found out it was the single-page joke strip instead of the Webcomic of the same name.

      It starts out slowly, but gets MUCH better over time. Be sure to also check out the bonus pages of the fundraising comic, Tempts Fate, which should help explain some of the newer random scans once you're all caught up to the current strips.

      Feel free to check it out when you've got plenty of time! You'll be surprised at how addictive a read it is.