Little Spirou - Vol. 13 - p.0-24 - redone

I finished redoing all the Little Spirou pages according to the suggestions of DanielBT, the Grand Master of All Proofreading. Go and check out his blog. It's definitely worth a read. (Also, thank you, Canadian Steve, for the quick help whenever I have a small grammar-related question.)

You can download the updated pages here. This folder also contains the English cover of the book, a two-page scan of a collage of Little Spirou "photographs" and a character summary page featuring Little Spirou's closest friends.


  1. Very nice, but the link seems to be broken?

    1. Ah, thanks. I fixed it. All the available pages have been proofread by now (not just the first 24). So if you want to download them in one batch, click the link above and download the largest file in the folder.

  2. thank you very much.