Next Project: Mélusine?

Anon suggested that I translate Mélusine next. What do you guys think? IMO it'd make a good follow-up project once I'm done with "The Crypt of Champignac".

I know that four of the books were officially translated by Cinebook, so that would leave us with the following:
  1. Sortilèges
  2. Le Bal des vampires (Cinebook release)
  3. Inferno
  4. Histoires à lire au coin du feu
  5. Philtres d'amour (Cinebook release)
  6. Farfadets et korrigans
  7. Hocus Pocus (Cinebook release)
  8. Halloween (Cinebook release)
  9. Hypnosis
  10. Contes de la pleine lune
  11. Mélusine à l'école des Maléfices
  12. La Belle et la Bête
  13. Superstitions
  14. La cuisine du Diable
  15. L'Apprentie sorcière
  16. Ballet enchanté
  17. Sang pour sang
  18. Malédiction
  19. (L’Élixir de jouvence) - I couldn't find any RAWs of this one
It would be nice to do them chronologically - especially since I prefer the earlier character design - but the problem is that most scans I found are downright horrible. Especially the older books. This is an example from the first book:

I even looked for Dutch and German scans of the book, since Wikipedia mentions a Dutch version and I know that the first two books were released in Germany in 2000/2001. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything.
And I don't really feel like working with such low-quality RAWs. The only good ones I found are from book 12, 13, 14 and 15. So unless someone can get me better scans of the earlier books, I'd start with book 12.

Any opinions on this?


  1. 12 to 17 have higher quality scans than the rest. Book 17 seems to have two different scans, one has better quality but the covers are edited/damaged.
    On that book 1 to 18 megaupload that floats around, the last 3 or so books have been mangled by the arsehole who made that pack, for whatever reason.

    You can grab the better raws here (I should update this site more often):

    As for translation order - I wouldn't mind going chronologically, but I can understand if the bad scans discourage you from the older books. Ultimately it's up to you (and I'm probably the only one who cares about Mélusine either).

    1. Ah, thanks a lot! I just downloaded book 17 from your site. Now, that is what I call a good scan! I think if I start working on Melusine, I'll do that one first.

      On a sidenote: "Le Petit Spirou présente 2 - Mon super Grand Papy" has been scanned, and the quality is good, too. I torrented it some time last year, so it should be still available. But I could also upload it for you, if you like.

  2. Note that the alt scan is the one in super high quality but with damaged cover.

    Where did you get that Spirou scan? I use to find the stuff I did from Emule, but that system has become useless by now. Is there some french forum or torrent site that hosts the latest scans?

  3. I found the scans for Little Spirou and Spirou & Fantasio via Google. The Little Spirou scans are from some torrent that was created in early 2010. It contained book 1-14 plus the Spin-off with the Grandfather. Le tombeau de Champignac I downloaded from some filehoster. I forget where I found the link, though.

  4. Heh. I'd be thankful for -whatever- you translate.
    Honestly, its not like the english are scanned anywhere online....