A little poll

I was wondering which out of the four books I'm currently working on you like the most. So I added a little poll to the menu on the right.

Do you prefer
  • Violine, the girl that carries a mouse on her head, 
  • Donito, the boy that rarely appears in his own book
  • Spirou & Fantasio and the crazy mushroom-obsessed inventor
  • or Little Spirou, the kid that has been wearing the same clothes all his life?
Tough choice, I know. That's why you may select multiple answers.
Please take a moment to vote. Thanks!


  1. Replies
    1. Good idea. Though I'm a bit in the dark as to which books have been translated so far. I know four or so have been officially translated and released by Cinebook, but are there any non-official scanlations of any of the other books?

  2. None as far as I know. Just bits and pieces from a few pages. And ironically, some of the translated pages ended up as getting Cinebook translations in the end.

    The biggest problem is that many of the scans are very bad quality. Little Spirou has perfect quality scans, while Melusine mostly has crap ones.

    1. I looked for scans yesterday, so, yeah, I see what you mean. It would be cool to do them chronologically, skipping those Cinebook already did, but the quality of the first scans is just too bad.
      Out of the scans I found, book 12, 13, 14 and 15 seem to be the best image quality-wise, so I guess I'd start with those instead.